MDR Team Members

Our team at MAKING DREAMS Realty is continuing to change and grow, so we want to provide a little insight into what our current team looks like now! Follow along the Q&A to learn our team members’ deepest secrets (well maybe not their deepest) and most interesting quirks (to watch this MDR Team interview on YouTube, click here):

Q: What did you do before you joined real estate (if anything)? 

A: A large majority of our team has work history in the hospitality industry, interestingly enough, so it makes sense that they all find joy in serving people! Amy Curcio, Renee Clark, and Roxy Blaser all have previously worked in healthcare, while Kristin and Ryan Koenig were in the Ministry for 20+ years, Kim Crouch was a marketing coordinator, Todd Bailey served as a law enforcement officer, Kevin Clark was a high school math teacher, Michelle Anich was in lending and sales, Rachel Clark was in the restaurant/hospitality industry, and our intern Briana Urban has been working hard in high school!

Q: What is a hobby of yours that brings you the most joy?

A: While we have a very hardworking team, we also like to have a lot of fun! We believe that your job should be your passion so that you can use your unique skills to succeed as best as possible! This is why we believe so much in a team approach where every team member does what they do best! And although we do have a lot of fun at work, everyone has their vices. Some of our team’s favorite hobbies include boating, live music, cooking, card games, reading, traveling, running, hunting, golfing, hiking, and being with other people! Amy says she enjoys her hobbies because they are “just so good for my soul!” Michelle loves reading because she says it “takes me away to other worlds!!”

Q: What is your favorite thing about living in Wisconsin? 

A: A big part of our team’s identity is the state that we all live in, and since we serve south central Wisconsin, we get to learn a lot more about the state! Our team’s favorite part about living in Wisconsin is mostly the four seasons, although each of us favor different ones over others. Michelle, Todd, Roxy, Kristin, Ryan, and Amy express appreciation for all four seasons that Wisconsin has to offer, but Kevin’s response was simply “Spring, Summer and Fall.” Not everyone likes winter, and that sure isn’t surprising. Aside from the seasons, Renee and Briana said their favorite part is the cheese and cheese curds!

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? 

A: Snow birds: Amy, Kevin, Renee, Todd. Ryan doesn’t really care as long as he can golf! Close to family. Bora bora, croatia, somewhere tropical, Myrtle Beach, Colorado, Carolinas, NYC. Many said they love Wisconsin because it is near their family and others said they would just love to travel more. 

Q: What are three words that best describe you? 

A: Here are the words straight from MDR team members themselves: 

AMY: Caring, Understanding, Sincere 

KIM: involved, caring, silly.

KEVIN: Steady, Confident, Positive

KRISTIN: Simple, Thoughtful, Kind

RENEE: Meticulous, organized, energetic

MICHELLE: Passionate, giving and loving. 

RACHEL: Ambitious, Positive, Creative

TODD: Compassionate, Dedicated, Sincere.

BRIANA: Loyal, Funny, Hardworking

RYAN: Fun, Passionate, Competitive

ROXY: Fun, Funny and Kind

Q: What is your favorite movie or singer? (pick one)

A: Movies

AMY: Dirty Dancing.

KIM: Nacho Libre

KEVIN: Forrest Gump

MICHELLE: Sweet Home Alabama movie

TODD: SuperBad

ROXY: Hidden Figures 

BRIANA: The Fault in Our Stars

RYAN: Nacho Libre

KRISTIN: I don't have a favorite, I just love a great movie night... with a bowl of popcorn and sour candy!

A: Singers

RENEE: Suzie K, my sissy!

RACHEL: Dua Lipa

Q: What is one thing you are looking forward to most in the next year? 

A: Our team has many exciting things coming up this year! Amy, Kim, Todd, and Kristin are looking forward to watching their children grow and thrive, Ryan and Kristin have their 20th wedding anniversary this year, and Briana is graduating high school while Rachel is graduating college. Other things our team is looking forward to is traveling and seeing more stability. 

Q: What is the weirdest thing about you (if you had to choose just one)?

A: We will leave the names out of this one so you have to TRY AND GUESS! The ‘weird but true’ facts about our team: 

-Detroit Lion's fan

-Hates peanut butter and pancakes

-Likes cleaning (gave a very specific thing they like cleaning as well)

-Hates chocolate

-Likes pickles with chip dip

-Talks a lot, but enjoys being alone

-Does pull ups at social gatherings

-Brushes their teeth in the shower

-Says they are a “very hairy [man/woman]”

-Can make a clover with their tongue

-Likes to snap gum when chewing


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Blog Contributor: Rachel Clark, MDR Soc Media Marketing Specialist