By Rachel Clark | MARCH 2020 | SOUTHERNWILUXURY Contributor | MDR Luxury Division

An Attractive Suburb located just outside of the state’s capital and noted as ‘minutes from everywhere’, MIDDLETON, WI has become very desirable to those searching for chic, yet small-town living with all of the conveniences of city life only minutes away. Boasting a strong economy with highly valued real estate and above average rankings in school districts, education levels, and household incomes, MIDDLETON has become one of the best places to live -- with ratings to prove it. 

In 2011, while Middleton was still developing much of its renewed town-center, CNN Money ranked Middleton as the 8th best small town to live in based on the “qualities American families care about most”. recently ranked Middleton as one of their top 100 best small towns and ranked Middleton with an A+ in terms of livability, schools, low crime levels and cost of living. 

With a population of less than 20,000, Middleton is able to offer an urban-suburban mix with high ranking jobs and plenty of activity in the bustling Madison metro nearby. In addition to this, both Niche and Livability rate the Middleton Area Cross Plains school district at the top in the state, with Niche naming it the #1 school district in the Madison area and Livability naming it #2 in all of Wisconsin. These rankings are only expected to rise with Middleton’s heightening appraisal values and continued focus on high-quality developments

In 2019, the values of real estate property in the Madison Area rose 5.7% (Wisconsin State Journal) adding value to investments in single-family homes. Middleton, on its own, contributes heavily to this number with an overall home value that is 76% greater than the entire state averages -- a number which becomes even more appealing considering most Middleton residents own their homes rather than renting.

The rise in home value seems to be due partially to the conservancy efforts of the city that maintain gorgeous natural views and park quality, including 22 miles of paved walking and biking trails. Twenty-five percent of the city’s land is dedicated to public trails and parks. “The parks system adds to the flavor and cohesiveness of the community and, thereby, strengthens the sense of belonging, ownership, and pride,” said the city of Middleton.

Other attractive features that draw in more home buyers to this picturesque town are the new city developments including luxury neighborhoods, such as Blackhawk, enchanting town centers, and its downtown city-like vibe with an array of shops, pubs, and charming restaurants. 

The overall valuation of homes is only expected to grow, as plans for a substantial community development known as Bishops Bay, located in the Mendota area of Middleton, come into fruition. The Town Center, one of the recently completed elements of the development, has a “variety of architectural designs,” and addresses “daily shopping needs, specialty shopping, and recreational opportunities in a pedestrian-friendly urban setting.”

Besides this development, Middleton has already established a luxury community which has been attractive to upper-class home buyers for the past 20 years. Known as one of the premiere neighborhoods to live in, Blackhawk Neighborhood is enticing to home buyers thanks to its exquisite homes and more than 40 acres of parks and green space.

A key alluring factor to this neighborhood -- besides the luxurious townhomes and custom single-family homes themselves -- is its unique positioning between “urban conveniences” and “bohemian chic boutiques.”  Blackhawk Neighborhood also has the conveniences and coveted views of the Pleasant View Golf Course located right across the road, as well as bragging rights of being featured in Madison’s “Parade of Homes”.

With its already successful status as an attractive, vibrant community it is clear that MIDDLETON will continue to thrive and remain a leading Wisconsin destination for many to live, work and play.

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