At The MDR House we believe that spring is not just a season; it's an opportunity to rejuvenate your home and breathe new life into your spaces. Join us as we delve into the art of spring cleaning from a design-centric perspective, curated by our dedicated team at MDR’s Design Co.


1. Declutter with Intention:

Spring cleaning is more than just tidying up; it's about decluttering with intention. Our design experts at MDR encourage you to assess each space in your home with a discerning eye. Identify items that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy and consider donating or repurposing them to create a harmonious and clutter-free environment.


2. Embrace Fresh Colors and Textures:

As you prepare to welcome the vibrancy of spring, consider infusing your home with fresh colors and textures. MDR's design team suggests incorporating soft pastel hues, airy fabrics, and natural materials to evoke the feeling of the season indoors. From light and breezy curtains to plush throw pillows in floral patterns, let your design choices reflect the essence of spring.


3. Revitalize Your Living Spaces:

Spring cleaning presents an opportunity to revitalize your living spaces and create inviting areas for relaxation and entertainment. MDR recommends rearranging furniture to optimize flow and functionality, allowing for effortless movement and comfortable gatherings. Incorporate versatile pieces that can transition seamlessly between seasons, ensuring your home remains both stylish and functional year-round.


4. Illuminate with Natural Light:

As sunlight streams through newly uncovered windows, embrace the opportunity to illuminate your home naturally. MDR's design philosophy prioritizes maximizing natural light to enhance the ambiance of each space. Consider replacing heavy drapes with sheer curtains or opting for reflective surfaces to amplify the brightness and openness of your rooms. If you’re unsure about how to dress your windows, connect with MDR and take advantage of the expertise that our Budget Blinds team offers.


5. Cultivate Indoor Greenery:

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside by incorporating indoor greenery into your spring-cleaning regimen. Plants not only add a touch of natural elegance to your home but also purify the air and promote a sense of well-being. Consult with MDR's design experts to select the perfect plants for your space, considering light conditions and maintenance requirements.


As spring approaches sooner this year, take inspiration from MDR's design-centric approach to spring cleaning and embark on a journey to refresh and rejuvenate your home. From decluttering with intention to embracing fresh colors and textures, let MDR be your guide in creating spaces that inspire and delight. Prepare to usher in the season of renewal with a home that reflects your unique style and celebrates the beauty of spring.