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What interior home design style do you fall into? You might just be a mix.

Take a peak at some of the different interior design styles below and discover which best describes you...


Characteristics: Spans multiple style types, yet typically a balance between traditional and modern design. Limited accessories, impactful focal points, pulls in textural elements such as glass, wood, rattan or metals. Ties in long-standing, traditional styles with contemporary or modern design elements. Easily confuses with contemporary, but is a mixture of past and present design styles. Timeless.

Transitional Interior Design Ideas Interior design by Stephanie Coutas

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Characteristics: reflections of classic European décor, furniture pairings, wood floor patterns, rich tones & dark woods, neutral palette with sophisticated accessory colors. Carries a sense of formality and conscious layering. Symmetry (pairs), balance, & focal point.

Example of traditional living room interior design style.  Traditional living room
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Characteristics: clean lines, basic shapes, open floor plans, intentional asymmetry, simple palettes, no clutter, black & white colors w/ hints of other primary colors. 'Fresh, sleek and popular on TV!' Moderate this style with materials and angles that will add warmth.

Modern Living Room 

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Characteristics: Open spaces, use of natural light, neutral colors, metal accent pieces, natural fabrics, Very light or very dark wood tones, lighting is defined as art. Furniture tends to have 'exposed' legs to create the appearance of more space. Unusual layouts, constantly evolving. Sometimes confused w/ modern design styles and is often known as the 'current' or 'trending' design.

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Characteristics: vintage fabrics, DIY style, distressed furnishings, whitewashed floors, floral prints and delicate design creativity. Flimsy light fixtures, pastel and white colors. Often blends together features of contemporary design styles with a 'ragged' finish.

Wood panel headboard becomes a key elemnt in the shabby chic bedroom

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Characteristics: Cozy textures, clean and refined lines. Natural lighting, white color palettes, wide plank flooring. Large mirrors, symmetry, light colored woods and warm colors. Practical and uncomplicated.

Scandinavian Living Room Design: Ideas & Inspiration

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Characteristics: Vivid use of color, crisp lines, plenty of plants. Lots of wood, rusty metals, and "fussy-free." A painting or a specific artifact tends to get center-stage attraction in certain rooms. Plenty of common spaces for social activity.  

Mid-Century Modern Style

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Characteristics: Vibrant & unexpected color combinations, rich patterns. Natural materials - wicker, wood, rattan. Lots of art. Low-level seating. Purposed 'messy' look. No rules - listen to your heart, and embrace Boho!

18 Ways to Embrace Boho Style in Your Home | Better Homes & Gardens

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Eclectic (A refinement of Boho) image from Creekwood Hill


Characteristics: Natural wood elements, cozy fabrics, white tones dominate the color scheme. Open shelving, natural materials, and reclaimed accessories. Shiplap or tongue-and-groove paneling. Barn doors, reclaimed ceiling beams, and wide-plank flooring. Current stylists and designers are mixing in modern elements.

Modern farmhouse style in Utah features stylish living ...

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Farmhouse Modern Farmhouse

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Characteristics: Became popular in the 1990s. Brick walls, exposed pipes, raw & unfinished look. High ceilings, using statement lighting or abstract art pieces to add some delicacy along with a pop of color. Wood and metal finishes, concrete flooring. THINK EXPOSED AND RAW.

Industrial by Ravi lyer

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Characteristics: beachy! White backdrop, splashes of blue tones, sand-color foundation, and light and bright colors. Unfinished wood or wicker/rattan furniture styles, natural lighting. Definitely a "beach-inspired" look.

Coastal Interior Design: Essential Tips For A Modern Beach ...

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Did you find what style suits you? If not, there are many more to choose from, like Minimalist, Hollywood Glam, Southwestern or Vintage to name a few. If it's time for a new style in your home, our Design Team can help you determine what style best fits you and your home's personality. Find more information on our design services @ MDR Home Styling & Design Co. or call 608.302.6450.

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