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1701 Holiday Dr, Janesville, WI

Michelle Woodring, Team Realtor

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Born and raised in the heart of Wisconsin, Michelle Woodring's journey has taken her across states and seas while serving in the United States Navy. However, when the time came to plant roots and raise her family, Michelle found her way back to the warmth of Southern Wisconsin, creating a haven with her husband.

A Passion for Home and Design

Michelle's love for design and all things home isn't just a profession; it's a calling. Her desire is to extend the warmth and joy she's found in her own home to others. Through her role as a Design Consultant with The MDR House for the last few year and now in her newest role as a Real Estate Agent, Michelle is on a mission to assist others in creating their ideal home right here in the heart of Southern Wisconsin.

Crafting Dreams Beyond Real Estate

Outside the world of real estate, Michelle is a family-oriented soul, cherishing moments with loved ones and her furry companions. A crafting enthusiast, she can transform everyday items into works of art with her DIY prowess. Michelle's hands-on approach and knack for creative projects make her not just a real estate consultant but a valuable resource for turning houses into homes.

From Dreams to Reality

Michelle's decision to step into the realm of real estate is a natural extension of her passion for all-things-home. She believes that a home is not just a place; it's an expression of who you are. With her knowledge, dedication, and a touch of DIY flair, Michelle is committed to helping families find not only a house but a canvas on which to paint their perfect home.

Get ready to embark on a journey of finding and creating your dream home with Michelle Woodring. 


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