Rachel Clark, Soc Media Marketing Specialist


Rachel Clark, Lic. Admin Marketing Specialist | 608.480.8599

Born and raised in Dane County, WI Rachel Clark, Lic. Admin Marketing Specialist has the 'inside scoop' on MDR and all things real estate. Licensed at 19 yo, Rachel is also pursuing her college degree at UW-Madison, double majoring in economics and journalism. GO BUCKY!

WHY WE WORK WELL TOGETHER: With detailed goals, a strong passion, and a millennial spirit, Rachel has a genuine passion for entrepreneurship and growth. She has already learned that connecting with people and encouraging their dreams is at the heart of MDR, and falls right in line with what she loves to do.

FOR LEISURE? Rachel enjoys hanging out with friends and family; working out, reading, following the stock market, and taking on new challenges. Most recently, Rachel is pursuing the climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro!